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Posted by on Mar 18, 2020

Hello friends and clients,

As you all know, there is a coronavirus circulating. While we should all wash our hands more, use hand sanitizer and stay away from people who are sick, aside from that, there is no reason to panic. The government is being extreme because the Canadian health care system isn’t equipped to deal with  a lot of people in the hospital so they are stopping the virus in its tracks.

Italy has the highest instance of Coronavirus for a good reason: The north of Italy is the most polluted place in Europe. Milano had traffic stopped several days just to control the air pollution which was five times the allowable limit. Many people in Northern Italy suffer from respiratory illnesses , and because a lot of them smoke, they are being hammered.

China has much closer proximity to people and overcrowding than Canada. For this reason, you should just be intelligent about everything- stay happy and healthy and stop obsessing over the virus. You get what you think about!!!!

It’s lessons as usual at my place unless people are sick at all. I am bleaching the table, doorknobs, cups etc every day, and working out two hours a day to stay healthy. I suggest you exercise, get fresh air, and stay in contact with friends.

People are going for walks outside , or having tea from a safe distance. Don’t freak out! It’s a waste of energy.

See you all soon! Lindsay

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