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Composition: What makes a great piece of art (and that means writing,too!)

Posted by on Nov 10, 2015

What makes art so breathtaking or stimulating? I am a firm believer in the less is more rule- or quality, not quantity, an adage which I live by. This painting by renowned Argentine artist Uriburu is one of my favourites. His use of colour and form is electrifying- but there is no wordiness. We are in the photo, admiring la Seine in Paris as seen through his brush. The colours, shapes and textures are flawless. Make your essays a masterpiece- use as few strokes as possible. Use your words to create colour and texture. Have a look at the number of strokes you employ per sentence. Are your sentences full of teeny weeny words which are merely filler? Make the essay your canvas. Paint well.IMG_4247

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