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Motivation: Why do we learn? Daniel Pink’s theory.

Posted by on Jan 25, 2016

I am currently engrossed in Daniel Pink’s book Drive which discusses our reasons for being motivated. In fact, intrinsic motivation is the most important aspect of learning, and ideally, is linked to the greater good.

Pink cites many examples of new companies such as Tom’s shoes which are both for profit, and charitable. Pink suggests that we move beyond a “carrots and sticks” mentality into one of joyous productivity. People need to explore their interests to grow, and the more flexibility the employees receive, the higher the productivity. Employees are now working from home or a work place and are result focused- get the job done in your own way is the new motto.

People who are the least controlled and micro-managed will rise to the job if encouraged correctly- not merely with money, but with confidence. His book is amazing and I highly recommend it, for his theories epitomize new business models which will no doubt be the successful ones!

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