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Could you say that again please?

Posted by on Apr 2, 2016

I was looking at runners the other day and the employee at the shoe store had his lovely Labradoodle with him. When his dog began pawing me (he could smell treats), the owner called him.  I was somewhat astonished, however, when he said, “Come here Bastard! ”

I thought gosh, that’s an odd name for a dog! Finally I asked the fellow why he called his dog Bastard.

“His name isn’t Bastard”, he replied, “It’s Buster!”

It all made sense since the gentleman had a very strong German accent.

My anecdote brings me to my next point- accent reduction. As you can see, not speaking clearly, or confusing consonants or vowels – often v’s with w’s or f’s and v’s- can cause problems. I hear wictim  and Wictoria instead of victim and Victoria. On the bright side, one of my clients finally got a job promotion with the government after successfully clearing up her pronunciation issues and speaking more clearly.  Her confidence has also improved a great deal since she doesn’t have to worry about her presentation skills any more!

To improve your speaking, contact me today! You’ll feel better about yourself after you see the results of my accent reduction classes.

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