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Lost and Found: A poignant novel by Brooke Davis. What a gem!!

Posted by on Oct 14, 2017

Lost and Found is an enchanting novel by the brilliant Australian/ universally cultured author Brooke Davis. In this novel, the protagonist, Milly Bird,  is abandoned by her mother in a clothing department. She is found by an octogenerian, Karl the touch typist, who has run away from his nursing home, and the bereaved Agatha Pantha.

The novel’s main appeal is its sincere understanding of the bewildering sense of guilt the child feels. She scrawls notes to her mother on windows and papers, hoping to correct whatever imaginary wrong drove her away. The novel is alive; the characters are not stereotypical, doddering elderly people but human beings stuck in old people’s skin. It’s refreshing, lyrical and brilliant in its ability to discuss grief, loss, and mortality without being contrived. I can’t recommend this novel highly enough. As for the author, she is as unaffected as her jump- off -the -page characters.  Startling, refreshing and clever, the novel made me laugh out loud at least twenty times, a rarity for me. I can’t wait to read anything and everything she creates. Well done Brooke!

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