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Mangled modifiers thanks to Google translate

Posted by on Jan 28, 2020

For those of you who know I’m studying Italian, you will appreciate the humour. This is from a newspaper article in Milano Today, an Italian newspaper. This will give hope to language lovers and linguists everywhere that we can’t be replaced by computers.

According to the translation, an accident, flew two meters and broke a windshield, thanks to a serious thirty year old.

What were they trying to say? A thirty year old was seriously injured in a car accident, and flew two meters through the windshield.


Thank you Italian news for the humour.


in via Primaticcio, overwhelmed by a car and thrown over two meters: serious 30 year old

Accident, overwhelmed by a car, makes a flight of 2 meters and breaks through the windshield: serious 30 year old

The violent crash occurred at 6.40 pm on Monday 27 January in via Primaticcio. On the spot ambulance and automedica of 118 and the local police of Milan

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