Lindsay Lewis

English/ ESL consultant: Word worker, writer, teacher, mentor and poet. Author of This Won’t Hurt a Bit! on writing clear content.

The Poetree. Poems by Lindsay Lewis

Posted by on Feb 3, 2020


We tossed around the word


the last time we met

our life an egg and spoon race

against the clock

Don’t fall for me, you said.

Don’t project, I replied

knowing we’d passed the expiration date.

I could conjugate you all night

change your endings to make them agree.

At 1 a.m, I rise, boil two eggs, smile wryly

yearning to spoon you

and later, when I close my eyes in bed

the side I let you take that my husband never shared

you are with me

your unfathomable sky fills my mind

in a place that almost exists

We could almost ourselves to death

but my darling, remember this:

Love is not a grey sock you can just

pull on

or take off.



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