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Euphemistic Language. Lulu is a lemon.

Posted by on Nov 9, 2022

I was just perusing jobs on Linkedin, and found the most amusing one yet. In an attempt to make themselves look smart, Lululemon is advertising for ” seasonal educators” in its stores, aka sales clerks. Let me ” educate you ” about that expensive pair of pants that really does nothing for you. Try this colour. Perhaps you need a larger size? I find this extremely offensive to those of us who actually impart knowledge to others. Sales clerks are selling. There is nothing educational about sales. In fact, this is an even more devious way to brainwash the public about the importance of their roles on the sales floor. George Orwell would have found this term amusing. It’s right up there with Doublespeak. I have news for you. You are sales clerks. You are encouraging the public to buy items and be consumers. End of story.

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