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How to choose a career while in school

So many parents ask me about their children’s educational plans. How can he or she choose the right career? What should my child study?

Unfortunately, choosing a job based on skills or money isn’t necessarily the answer. One of my parents took accounting and business at university- and hated it. Why? Her parents forced her into it. She later switched into more people oriented work. The main problem is that parents see a level of aptitude in a child, and then herd him toward that goal. While money is an important aspect of a job, it isn’t everything. Making the right choice in university can save your child having to change jobs later.


This is a question I frequently ask my students, and it seems that I’m the only one asking them.

This is a crucial question because happiness is the fuel that will keep your child going when the career becomes tough, or the university courses are difficult.

What activities do you really enjoy?Solving puzzles? Reading? Helping people? Listening to problems? Analyzing math and statistics?

Pay attention to hobbies and activities that your child is gravitating toward.

Let your child find him or herself. OBSERVE. Listen. If your child loves assembling and disassembling pieces or materials, he may be mechanical and want to open a garage one day. He’ll be the best mechanic in the city.

Don’t force your child to choose a career such as engineering or medicine unless he or she is really interested. He’ll be a horrible doctor and will always regret it. Moreover, the world needs people passionate about their work. Be true to yourself and follow your passions. Just being good at something is NOT enough.

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