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GEORGE FLOYD | George Floyd, racial violence, police, riots, demonstrations

The unjust death of George Floyd.

I’m not overtly political and would not normally blog about a racial issue, but I have to say, BASTA!!!! I am fortunate to live in Canada, and have never seen anything but respectful policing here. I’ve seen the Victoria P.D deal with screaming, violent people high on drugs in a calm, compassionate manner despite the threat to their well being. However, in the U.S, this is most certainly not the case.

George Floyd is just one of dozens, if not hundreds of innocent black people who have been killed by police. First, he was not doing anything wrong, and I too resent someone’s Tweets about “Looting causes shooting.” This is a terrible misconception and creating more inaccurate stereotypes of hard working, productive human beings, parents, husbands, and friends.

I am concerned about people putting themselves and others in harm’s way because the Corona virus is still circulating, and I hope that we do not see a spike in numbers and more senseless deaths because of the rioting.

Peaceful demonstrations, please…. please don’t lower yourselves to the lowest level …and we all know who I’m referring to. I can only imagine the rage and anger at these horrific police crimes, but please…. try not to lower yourselves to their level.

Justice is important. I hope all that the police will be tried and jailed. Ideally, a community should be able to nominate and choose its own officers, and in a perfect world, this would be great. In the meantime, I feel sick, sad and angry too about this situation. I am so sorry for his family, friends, children and loved ones, and all the other innocent victims of such disgusting violence.



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