Lindsay Lewis

English/ ESL consultant: Word worker, writer, teacher, mentor and poet. Author of This Won’t Hurt a Bit! on writing clear content.

ESL S.A.T. Essay Writing and Grammar Expert : Make your dreams come true

Another success story-this could be you.

Another success story!Congratulations Luqi!-This could be you!

What part of English do you find difficult?If you are like most students, you cringe at the sight of your essay covered with red marks which you do not understand. If you have words like “vague”,or “unclear” on your essays, you need  help. I have found that most students know what the mistakes mean, but cannot correct them! English comments are like a foreign language to students.  My custom programs identify and solve your personal issues, bringing you academic success and confidence. English is not just important-it is crucial in today’s global market to write well, whether you are an English major or an Engineer. I’m here to help. My students go to the Universities of their choice- NYU, (Italy and New York), Princeton, University of Pennsylvania, or  top Canadian schools. I will not only help you with writing, but I will teach you how to think critically and analytically, writing with flawless logic. My book This Won’t Hurt a Bit! covers all the content problems and shows you how to quickly attain an A in English. Contact me at for more information.

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